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Sportsmanship and Compliance Policy
Town Requirements



Town Requirements:
Each town must have a least one representative at the following meetings to remain in good standing.

Annual Meeting is optional.  This is where voting takes place.  If you would like to have a vote, please attend this meeting.  You may attend the annual meeting remotely.

Required In-Person Meetings

  • Division Meeting in Fall
  • Winter Pre-Scheduling Meeting
    • Submit fields
  • Winter Scheduling Meeting
    • Each town must submit a coach’s roster to their division director at this meeting. Coach's Requirements Form should contain the following information:
    • Team name
    • Coach’s name
    • Coach’s cell phone number
    • Coach’s US Lacrosse number
    • Coach's e-mail address
    • Copy of required certifications or proof of completions of required courses
  • End of Season Wrap-Up Meeting (may attend remotely)
  • Have no outstanding invoices for registrations or umpire fees



Towns also must volunteer and actively participate in the league as a prerequisite to registering a team with MBGLL.  A list of volunteer positions is located on www.mbgll.org.


Starting in 2017, for every 5 teams entered into MBGLL, towns must have access to one field from 12p to 6p on Sunday afternoons during the season.  If you do not have access to a field during this time, you have a couple of options:

1.  Play your home games at your opponent's location.

2.  Ask your opponents to play games at your field when it is available.