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Link your Town's League Athletics Account to our Parent Site

If your club uses LeagueAthletics.com, you will be able to take advantage of exclusive scheduling that will allow your club's website to be connected to the Parent site. Schedules entered on the MBGLL site will automatically be connected to your teams. Team management information and schedule changes will also be brought up to the parent site, as well. There are a few steps that you must do in order to take advantage of these features.

First, you must create a town site with League Athletics.  Please visit www.leagueathletics.com to enter into your own contract.
Second, after your town has a League Athletics site, you'll need to link it to MBGLL.


1. In the Configure section of the Admin area, select the MBGLL league from the list.
2. In the Teams section of the Admin area click on the team that is part of the "Parent" league. (You must first create your teams.)
3. On the resulting "Team Information" page select your team from the Outside League/Parent Team drop down window.