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2014 - 2015 MBGLL Board of Directors

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers, with the exception of the Executive Director position. Our current board is listed below, along with their contact e-mail addresses. Please feel free to communicate with anyone on the board.





OPEN President  
Christine Habermann Executive Director
OPEN Secretary
Steve McGlynn Treasurer
EMWLUA Representative Umpire/Rules/Competition Director
  New Programs Director
Gant Redmon MetroNorth Division Director
John Moorshed MetroWest North Division Director
Ian Davies South Division Director
Julie Stoelzel North Division Director
Kim Perry Scheduling Director
Bob Smith Behavior Committee
Allison Mattson MetroWest South Division mwsouthdivision@mbgll.org 


For general information, send e-mail to
For clarification of rules, send e-mail to